The Intel® inside adDryer™ by SAVORTEX is digitally connected and the most environmentally advanced hand drying technology, which has a built HD screen showing full motion video adverts to captive users as they dry their hands.

Full Motion Video

A better way to interact with your audience.

The revolutionary adDryer™ is the world’s first and most sustainable digital video display network in corporate wash room facilities.

Full motion high definition video is distributed to captive gender specific professionals providing unparalleled branding, and advertising.


Viewer Initiatied Engagement

With its connection to a proprietary data platform, and content management system, it engages users with a tailored video advert in response to users drying their hands. It’s the game changer!

Realtime Data & Captive Engagement

The adDryer™ SIP is a proprietary data platform which produces audience measurement analytics based on data collected from sources, determined by users on a daily basis. The data analytics empowers our clients to track and measure campaigns using the following information:

Audience demographic
Media activation/Dwell time by the second
Location  (enables end users to be categorised by the specific building’s occupiers or visitors)

As the data is sourced from actual usage, this is the most relevant, accurate and transparent method of data collection established in corporate facilities.


Gender Targeted

Humorous ads for men, testimonial based messages for women – the right message always gets delivered to the right eyeball.


Eco Friendly Technology

Good for the environment, good for us.

Digital media delivery and no hand drying paper towel waste saves mess, landfill, money and pollution. One site eliminated 14 tons of paper towels per year by switching to our smart dryer technology.


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